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Canadian Travel Photographer – Burlington to Montreal

Last week I drove out to Montreal for reasons unrelated to photography, but I brough along my camera just in case I had some free time.  It turns out that I did, and I even got lucky and had some snowfall while I was there.  I made my way outside at around 10:30 at night and got some shots of Montreal at night with the snow falling heavily.  When I was taking the photos, my intention was to process everything into black and white, and I did for most, but I’ve included some colour photos as well.  My drive home from Montreal was not exactly the best.  The drive took 9 hours, and most of that was spent on the stretch of the 401 that goes through Toronto.  Not that it was snowing that heavily in Toronto, it was worse out in the Kingston and Cornwall areas.  I guess it was just a combination of heavy rush hour traffic and people slowing because of the snow.  At one point I came across an accident which had closed off 2 lanes of traffic, and I thought my troubles were over, only to somehow end up stuck in traffic just as slow immediately after passing the accident.  I’m just glad I am not one of those poor people who spend hours stuck on the 401 every day, I couldn’t stand it.

So here are a few photos from my trip.

Enjoy!!! I felt so bad for this little guy being left alone in front of a grocery store.  I stopped and played with him for a few minutes, he was shivering.  I hate when people leave their dogs tied up and alone like this.The first of 8 cars I saw in the ditch on my drive home.  I also saw 2 transport trucks.  Like the sign said, the roads were indeed slippery.


December 23, 2010 at 10:27 am

I love some good street photography. Nice work!

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