Nova Scotia Photographer – 2011 Canada Games Day 7 – Halifax

Today was my 7th and final day at the Canada Winter Games in Halifax and I was ending on a good note.  I went to Ski Martock for the Biathlon relays and then to the Hockey finals at the Metro Centre.

I got to Martock just as the sleet began, it was about zero degrees out at the time, so not too cold at least.  The weather ranged from heavy snow to light rain, and certainly got me soaked.  For the guys race I pretty much stayed in the start/finish/shooting area and photographed that, and then as the race was nearing it’s conclusion, I was able to ask about access, and I was told that I could walk around the track.  So when the girls race came, I made one full lap of the course by foot.  The track itself was pretty hard, but if you ventured closer to the sides, the snow got softer and you could easily end up a foot below the snow.  There were times I was waist deep in snow.  I think I managed a few good and different shots at the Biathlon, and afterward I went back to my hotel and dried off.

Then came the hockey.  I got to the rink early so I could do some editing, but I really didn’t end up doing too much as I arrived in time for the final period of Ontario vs Alberta for Bronze.  Ontario was up by a goal when I started watching, but ended up losing.  The Gold Medal game was between Quebec and B.C. and Quebec scored less than a minute in.  B.C. answered quickly and won the game 7-4.  So here are my shots from my final day in Nova Scotia.  I plan on posting some of my favourites in a couple of days, but for now, here’s Day 7 (it’s a little heavy on the pictures):


Thomas Lester - The biathalon shots are the bomb! Expecially the one where you are shooting through the trees. The exposure is perfect!

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