Burlington Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Brittany and Steve at Geraldo’s

It’s always nice to come back home to Burlington for a wedding.  Brittany and Steve’s wedding at Geraldo’s was a good fit for me seeing as how my daughter was born only 5 days earlier.  Being a bit tired and my brain probably not functioning at full capacity, that familiarity I had with LaSalle Park was a definite asset.  I started the day by taking some photos at Steve’s parents house in Hamilton.  It was the first time I had met Steve but that was no issue at all, he’s a good guy and easy to be around.  His family was very welcoming and allowed me to do whatever I needed to get some good shots before heading to Brittany’s mother’s house in Burlington.  I was pleasantly surprised at the flow of traffic through Burlington on a Saturday, it gave me a bit of extra time for photos, which never hurts.

Brittany’s mother and I actually sat at the same table at Petar and Anita’s wedding a few years prior, one of my favourite all time weddings.  It’s always nice to shoot a wedding where someone knows me and how I work from another wedding, and has seen the results.  Anita and Petar were one of the first couples to really trust in me and let me do my thing.  It was nice to know that Brittany was aware of that, and she and Steve let me do what I needed for photos.

Getting to Geraldo’s, it was a beautiful day and you couldn’t have asked for better weather conditions for a wedding.  The ceremony was held on the veranda, which meant shade, and the white walls and ceilings are an added bonus for a photographer.  The ceremony went off without a hitch and the next thing we knew, they were married.  We got the family photos done on the grass and then I took the wedding party for a walk around the property.  Steve’s sister/best woman/maid of the mist (if you were there you understand that), did not appreciate the hills in her heels, and wound up having to walk down the hills backwards which was good for a laugh of course.  That’s one thing you don’t have to worry about with Brittany and Steve, they laughed a lot and were quite obviously enjoying their day.  I quite enjoyed when it came their time to speak and Steve brought up a list of bad jokes in case of emotions.

I really enjoyed the entire day and had a great time, here are a few images from their celebration, I think the joy really shows.



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