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Canadian Travel Photographer – British Columbia

I recently spent about 5 days in BC for some non photography related business, but of course I brought my camera along for the journey. I was in the Northeastern part of BC and while I was there I got to within an hour from the border with the Northwest Territories, so I decided to just take the car and go, I’ll probably never be up there again. I had never been to BC before so the scenery was all new to me, and so were the animals. I was amazed at the amount of wildlife I saw just while driving. I kept a tally during my time there and here’s what I saw: 15 Deer, 19 Black Bears, 9 Moose, 20 Caribou and 2 Bison. Aside from the Deer, I had never seen any of the other animals before. I wound up with a lot of photos I really liked, so it took me some time to cut the numbers down into a manageable blog post, but here are the results:


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