Destination Wedding Photographer – Riu Montego Bay – Brandon and Courtney – Jamaica

In early May 2009, Brandon, Courtney and 50 guests made their way south from Canada to the RIU resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Everyone was there for an entire week and it was a lot of fun. I wrote quite a bit on the preparations that we needed to undergo at Printsy some time ago. The swim up bar was the main hangout spot during the hot days and I’m pretty sure most people got their money’s worth from the all-inclusive.  On my first day there I decided to go for a swim in the Carribbean and about 5 minutes in I was stung by a jellyfish.  That was the last time I went swimming when I was there.  I did however take a kayak out, that was until the paddle broke in half when I was around 100 metres from shore.  With the way my week was beginning, I wasn’t holding too much hope that the wedding photography would run smoothly.

On May 5th the wedding took place and things seemed to be running fairly smoothly.  That was until it came time for the ceremony.  There were a number of delays including the wedding coordinator not bringing the bride and bridesmaids their flowers until after the ceremony should have started, and a cd player that wouldn’t work.  One of the guests managed to provide a discman (ues apparently people still have those) to save the day so Courtney and her Bridesmaids had music to walk down the aisle to.

During the delay I took the groomsmen and did a few photos, but we didn’t know how long we had, so we didn’t do too many.  The ceremony started about 45 minutes late, which ate directly into photo time.  Luckily, Brandon and Courtney had allotted sufficient time for photos, so although we were a little rushed, we got a bunch of great shots.  They couple even got dressed up to do a day after session which produced a couple of their favourite images.  I’ve done a lot of vintage style editing for this wedding as I felt it just worked with the colours, so I was happy they liked it too.

The first few images are from the rest of the week, but the rest are Brandon and Courtney’s wonderful wedding.  I love the Hula Hoop photos, they just found it on the way to shoot some photos and we went with it.  Courtney was much better than Brandon.


Adam - Beautiful destination wedding photography here, I love how you captured so many brilliant moments

Jen Bail - I love these photos, especially the first one, it’s so romantic, and all of the joyous pictures too, so many genuine smiles, what a happy wedding :)

Jessie - These are beautiful