Autumn’s first time on ice

Pretty momentous day today.  We took Autumn skating for the very first time.  I have always had this thought in my head that I wanted the girls’ first time on skates to be on a pond, and we fortunately have one just down the street from us.  This is where Isla first skated and today it was where Autumn took her first strides.  

We have long thought that Auttie was going to be the athlete in the family, she seems a little more athletically inclined, and more importantly, more interested.  Well, in her first 5 minutes on the ice, she actually was standing and moving on her own.  Now she can’t do much, nor do we expect her to, but it was so cool to see, and better yet, she was absolutely loving it.

Isla took a few steps on her own today for the first time too.  She is obviously a bit behind as she was in hospital all last winter and we couldn’t get her out, but she has told me she wants to learn to skate this winter, so we will try to get both of the girls out and skating this year.  

Here are a few shots of the half hour or so we spent on the ice today;