2016 Retrospective

As 2016 was drawing to a close, I kept hearing people saying what a bad year it had been and how it needed to end.  I thought differently.  In May my hockey team won our league championship, in June my first born turned 2, and my Penguins won the Stanley Cup, in October my 2nd daughter was born, and in November my dad’s Cubs won their first World Series since the Pyramids were built (approximately).  I also shot a whole whack of weddings, met a ton of new people and made new friends.  Sure, I had to break the news to my mother that her beloved George Michael had died while my parents were visiting over the Christmas holidays, but I would consider 2016 a great year nonetheless.

When it came time to create my 2016 Year in Review.  I must admit, I struggled.  I went through each wedding and selected photos that I really liked or were memorable for one reason or another and I ended up with over 300 photos.  I narrowed that down but felt like I had too many until this point where I just say screw it.  There are a lot of photos here, but I don’t want to delete any more.  Here is a look at my 2016 weddings.


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