2011 Favourites – Personal – Dustin Hall Photography

One year ago I posted my favourite personal photos from 2010, a year which I thought was going to be hard to top.  I had a few categories of favourites and this year I’ve cut it down to two, photos from personal work or just my life, and wedding related photos, be it an engagement or wedding.  This here is my list of my favourite personal photos of 2011 (can you tell I love my puppy?).

At the start of 2011 I was working at a medical gas company in Mississauga.  I thought at the time that I would be there for a while.  As time went by and the amount of travel increased, I realized that I could not work a day job with travel and continue to grow my photography business so I left that position for a lower paying day job with more consistent hours which would be good for my photography.  The company was where Robyn worked, so our commute was easier, especially once the HOV lanes opened up through Burlington and Oakville.

In February I drove out to Halifax and volunteered as a photographer at the 2011 Halifax Canada Winter Games.  I met a lot of great people in my extremely busy week and shot a number of sports I’d never even seen live before.  It was a lot of fun and something I would love to do again.  Prince George 2015, if you’re listening, I’m available.

We had wanted to move to Nova Scotia for a couple years and we decided that 2012 would be the year for that, so we decided to sell our house and move in with my parents.  That way we could save a little more money but most importantly, we could be sure that the house was sold before we wanted to move.  Our house sold the first day on the market.  Within a month, Robyn got a job in Halifax and our move date moved up greatly.

At the beginning of August, my brother and his wife had a baby.  Connor is my first nephew, and we love him to bits.  We made sure to see him as much as possible in the busy months before moving.

October came and we made our big move to Halifax with a uhaul full of our stuff and the car being towed behind.  It was a long drive over 2 days and ended with torrential rains as we arrived in Halifax, a fitting beginning to our Halifax experience.

I’ve since visited Ontario a couple times for weddings and tried to visit with family when I was there.  I know it will be hard in the future to have my family in another province, but we will manage.  Hopefully we will be getting a bunch of visitors in 2012 and I’ll be sure to take pictures, that’s what I do.

With 2011 being such a crazy year, I’m excited to see what 2012 will bring.

Here are my favourite personal photos of 2011:



Beautiful cliffs of moher castle photoSkiiing, Halifax, winter,Some Sheep on the Dingle Peninsula, IrelandValley silhouette irelandmy little yorkie cinnamon with a ribbon as a scarfthe pressure of making a shot in basketballRobyn on the beach in inverness at sunsetKevin with hours old newborn Connorintensity in gymnastics at the canada winter gamesAwesome surf in doolin irelandaerial skiier reflected in goggles winter gamesAerial skiier leaving a snow trail, winter gamesblack and white valley irelandwinning gold with a broken wristTeam manitoba short track skatinglovely quebec sunset in the wintertoronto through the window of a porter airlines flightwaiting for our flight from buffaloCinnamon confronts her nemesis the reindeerontario sandwich bodycheck by alberta hockeycliffs of moher at sunset, beautifulhockey, old time feeltoronto skyline black and whitecow in front of the rock of cashel in irelandaerial flip at the halifax winter gamesConnor with the book we got himnova scotian skaters and the games signkevin laughing after being peed onLightning from my parents porch in Burlingtonlittle Robyn and big Wexford lighthouse, irelandhalifax oval speedskater through a crowdTeam B.C. wins gold in hockey..pile on!!!Emotional team Quebec player after losing goldCinnamon tries to lick sister Sophie - yorkiesbiathlon athlete through the treestombstones in irelandskiier jumping by the sun - ski wentworthA robyn on our back fencewhereDoolin Ireland en route to cliffs of Moherteam ontario scoresthe joy of saving a fallSophie flies around the living roomTeam BC celebrates a goal - hockeytarget shooting at the canada gamesThe skelligs in irelandcows on the road near Dingle, IrelandPaul Coffey on my team in a charity gamePaul Coffey and I after our game...AWESOME!!!Robyn walking up the street in HalifaxBiathlon HalifaxCelebrating a gold with the BC flagCinnamon and my nightmare before christmas pumpkinCyclist in Dublin, irelandCattle at cliffs of moher, ireland, sunsetspeed skating in motion, halifaxDoolin, Ireland, would love to buy that housethe night and the partyhigh 5 before a big jump - aerialsbiathlete through the treesDingle Ireland, beautiful skycurling halifax over games logoCinnamon wanting up, adorableRobyn in LunenburgDoolin Ireland, lovely little placeRobyn and Cinnamon in Cape BretonA little cafe in IrelandKillarney castle, IrelandNova Scotia goalie and flagentrance to Ontario provincial parki love the defeat photosCinnamon on her window seatIreland, beautiful scenery, go therebasketball, did he make the shot?gymnastics, love this shotdid the puck go in? Canada games hockeymargaree harbour nova scotia sunsetfamily portrait the Halls in Nova Scotia

Amanda Basteen - amazing photos. I especially love the photo of the coastline. Stunning!!

ayesha - oh wow! what an incredible year you’ve had! the variety of images is amazing – sports, family, natural details, landscapes, cityscapes, night scenes – you nail everything. best of luck in 2012! my hubby and i traveled to nova scotia in 2008 – it’s one of our favorite places and we can’t wait to come back!

Belle - I love these! The 2nd and 3rd one down are amongst my faves. Really well done!

Kyle - Dustin, wow, you have grown so much! 2011 really was an amazing year for you.

ryan chan - really cool stuff, Dustin! Your Ireland photos are just awesome!

Heather - Looks like a really fun year & the puppy = precious!

Shell Bailey - This is such an impressive set. Your sports work is absolutely killer!

Courtney - The landscapes are divine. Thanks for sharing what you saw in 2011. You’ve certainly seen a lot…

sam hurd - had no clue you were such an epic sports photog. nice year for you!

/mariahedengren - This is quite a collection. Love those ski jump shots. Awesome!

brett - thanks for sharing the personal work! you clearly had a fun and action-packed year!

Anton Chia - Great shots all round. I like a photographer who is good in multi genre.

Thomas - Great story, brilliant pictures and CUTE puppy!

Derek - Awesome shots dude! Hockey shots are incredible!

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