2010 Favourites – Personal – Dustin Hall Photography

2010 was a busy travel year for me.  I visited 4 provinces and 1 Territory that I had never been to before, so I took a lot of pictures.  These are not all from my travels, but the bulk of them are.  I had a hard time deciding between some of these, so I’m glad I didn’t stick to my original plan of a top ten list.  So here are some of my personal favourites from 2010 that aren’t related to my business:


www.DustinHallPhotography.caThis one is my favourite, it was taken in British Columbia in June. Halloween is usually good for photos of costumes, but I love this one from the apple bobbing.  I think just about everyone else failed.This is from my first concert ever.  It’s David Gray performing at the Centre in the Square in Kitchener.This is Cape Spear, the most Eastern point in North America, and it feels like it too.This is a walkway along the world’s longest covered bridge in Hartland New Brunswick.The sunset in Bonavista Newfoundland was beautiful.I had to include one of my puppy, and she looks a little crazy in this one, it’s just because she was having such a great time.This is me as a cowboy at Halloween, it was my backup costume as I was Gumby for the first half of the night.

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